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Computer and Software Engineering

The professionals of our Computer and Software Engineering Team possess undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science and electrical engineering, and have industry and patent examining experience with respect to software and hardware. Our professionals skillfully navigate the constantly changing landscape of patent law for software-related inventions, and maintain a keen awareness of the practices being employed for software-related inventions during examination of patent applications. Our Computer and Software Engineering Team services major companies in the computer software and hardware fields, and counsels clients on technology related to: cloud, client/server, and other computing environments; computing architectures; system design; processor architectures; software designs and systems; e-commerce; database systems; applications and structures; data encryption; coding and compression; computing languages and compilers; data storage; security applications; simulation and testing; multimedia applications; relational and other database management systems; video gaming systems; computer networking; medical and other imaging; virtualization; artificial intelligence; financial systems; Big Data; data analytics; and internet applications (communications protocols and internet software).